• are your finances ready for the future?

    We offer professional financial advice.
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  • Accounting

    Our services range from basic book keeping duties to the preparation of monthly management accounts
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  • Audit

    By employing quality individuals, AMAX ensures expert and sound working knowledge leading to effective and efficient audits.
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  • Payroll keeping you busy?.

    At Amax Payroll we have skilled professionals who can provide quality service for your organization.
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  • Do you need reliable, professional staff?

    At AMAX we understand that reliable, quality staff is one of the greatest assets to any company therefore we strive to connect the right quality staff members with the right quality employers.
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  • Legal

    We offer Estate Administration, Drafting of Wills, Registration of Trusts, Structuring of Employee Trusts for BEE Ownership and other legal services.
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  • Do you need a SANAS approved BEE certificate?

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  • Do you need a Tax Expert?

    Our tax experts specialise in a wide range of duties in order to ensure proper compliance to the relevant tax legislation.
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  • Finance

    We provide guidance in expanding wealth and creating passive income by means of different investment strategies.
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Our Mission

We strive to provide the financial sector with professionally trained accountants which excel at financial solutions. Our accountants are trained to provide the client a service in financial solutions among many others.

What do we do

Training is our game, we develop students to make a difference to society and the professional environment. All of our students take part in learnerships in which we provide all the necessary utilities. By doing so we shape the future of these young people and indirectly the future of our country!

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We implore the youth of today to join our company as we help them build a brighter future for themselves as well as their country! The youth of today is the leaders of tomorrow. We help the young people of today realise their vision of today.



  • Dynamic, up-to-date & highly skilled ever growing team of employees.
  • Through our highly skilled team of CA’s, Accountants, Legal Professionals, Tax Experts and BEE Analysts, our clients receive the expertise & professionalism offered by larger international firms, while enjoying the benefits of personalised service at affordable rates.

Latest News

Below is a summary of the small business tax rates for the financial year 2019.


The Small business corporation tax rates for financial years ending 2019:

Taxable Income                             Tax Rate

R0 – R78,150                                0% income tax payable

R78,151 – R365,000                   7% of taxable income above R78,150

R365,001 – 550,000                     R20,080 + 21% of taxable income above R365,000

R550,001 and above                  R58,930 + 28% of amount above R550,000